I've oft thought it'd be nice if there were more crossover betwixt CODE4LIB and the GOVDOCLers. You should easily be able to hit

    and get your details. :)


Well, a faculty member approaches the repository with their CV and asks us
>to investigate all their publications to see how much of their work we can
>deposit. They list their patents as part of their scholarly output on their
>CV. My understanding is that by virtue of having a patent, they hold the
>copyright to that intellectual property, and since they produced it in an
>educational institution, we are free to capture their work in an IR.
>However, that would depend on what the details of the patent granted
>include, which is there the communication with the faculty member has to
>happen. Am I off the mark here? I found a couple of patents in arXiv and
>wanted to see how others treat these types of documents.
>Thank you!