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LAC Group seeks a Program Manager to work on a contract at a government agency located in Washington, DC.   This is part of a contract for which we are bidding and we will follow up with applicants with additional information.  The management and supervisory responsibilities shall include but not be limited to the following duties for Program Management and Technical Support Services:

  *   A written delineation of the Program Manager's relationship to the contractors management and their approach to an effective progress and management reporting system including providing direct customer liaison at the project management level.
  *   A written plan to manage and inspect the work performed under the contract for completeness and accuracy, including how to coordinate and control the tasks, daily operations, and quality control under the contract.  Develop a written approach to ensure accurate and timely delivery of deliverables.  Note: the Program Manager may also perform activities described in the contract to have maximum overlap of project tasks.
  *   A written plan identifying personnel who do not satisfy the minimum performance requirements or work product that are determined to be of an unacceptable quality and resolving contractor personnel issues.
  *   A written plan to coordinate training, including cross-training contract personnel for contract tasks and other assignments.  Coordinate with the COTR to provide for effective utilization of resources to have maximum overlap of project tasks, or identifying the need for either reallocating contractor resources or obtaining additional resources.
  *   Develop, coordinate, and implement procedure manuals, instructions, checklists, production and quality control reports - all of which are subject to amendment from time to time.  Maintain production and quality control data or reports as directed for management information purposes.  Provide reports specified under the contract in a timely manner.
  *   Identifying opportunities for improving operational efficiencies, including automation that could enhance the productivity of each task or overall operation, and coordinate with the COTR for approval and implementation.
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