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folks might be interested.


A new round of Outreach Program for Women internships is taking place from
December 10, 2013 to March 10, 2014. The application deadline is November
11, 2013. The applicants need to get in touch with individual projects they
are interested in working on and make a small contribution ahead of the
application deadline. The participating organizations are:

 * Debian - GNU/Linux-based operating system
 * Fedora - GNU/Linux-based operating system
 * GNOME - GNU/Linux-based desktop environment and applications
 * Linux Kernel - the most basic layer of the GNU/Linux operating system
 * Mozilla - software that promotes the goals of the Open Web
 * OpenStack - cloud deployment and management software
 * Wikimedia - wiki software and infrastructure for Wikipedia and related
 * Xen Project - virtualization platform

Participants will work remotely from home, while getting guidance from an
assigned mentor and collaborating within their projectís team and the rest
of the FOSS community. The projects include software development, system
administration, web development, user experience design, graphic design,
documentation, and marketing. The stipend for the program is $5,000 (USD).
Any woman available for a full time internship who has not previously
participated in the Outreach Program for Women or Google Summer of Code is
welcome to apply. College women from the Southern Hemisphere who will have
a school summer break during most of this time are particularly encouraged
to apply.

Please visit to learn more and apply. This program is
organized by the GNOME Foundation. Please help us spread the word by
forwarding this message to interested university and community groups.

The mentorship opportunities are also available throughout the year for
anyone interested in getting started contributing to FOSS outside of the
internship program.