Who doesn't like free programming/tech/library books?

Each year at the Code4Lib conference, we try to give away goodies (books,
licenses, etc.) in a raffle (that takes place throughout the conference).
 To make this possible, we need folks willing to contact book publishers
and inquire whether they'd like to contribute some books to the Code4Lib
conference.  This is good exposure for the publishers and good for the
individual Code4Lib'ers who get to walk away with nice books and licenses,
etc.  When we contact publishers, we usually mention how long Code4Lib has
been around, the focus of the group, and that we have a website we'd be
glad to thank them on (and from the podium at the conference, too, of

If you are interested in being a book (or license, etc.) wrangler, please
sign up on the conference planning wiki:

Below are some of the book publishers that have, in the past, donated books
to us:

Pragmatic Programmers -- (mbklein is currently
signed up for this)
Chandos Publishing --
No Starch --
O'Reilly -- (ksclarke is currently signed up for
APress --
Packt Publishing --
Manning --
Morgan and Claypool --

If you'd like to contact one of them, feel free to pick one and add it to
your name on the Book_Give-Away_Committee wiki page.

OxygenXML has contributed licenses in the past; Andrew Nagy, I think you've
been their contact?  Would you like to do that again?

Also, if you know of other publishers we haven't contacted before (local NC
Triangle tech bookstores, for instance) that might like to contribute, feel
free to sign up on the wiki page and indicate that you'll contact them.

And, as a reward for reading this far, if you have titles that you'd like
for us to request from these publishers, feel free to respond to this email
letting the Book Give-Away Committee know so that we can request them from
the publishers.