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Weave is a peer-reviewed, open access, web-based publication featuring
articles on user experience design for librarians and professionals in
related fields. Our editorial board consists of recognized experts in the
field of library UX, and our editorial philosophy is to strive for a
balance between theoretical and practical topics.

As the importance of digital services begins to rival that of collections,
library user experience is taking a more central role than ever. While new
jobs are being created for User Experience librarians and some departments
are being renamed "User Experience" teams, there is still no comprehensive,
rigorous publication for library UX professionals to share with and learn
from their colleagues. Weave is intended to fill that gap. Weave helps
practitioners and theorists come together to make libraries better.

We are looking for two kinds of work:

1. Full length, scholarly articles of relevance to UX in libraries. We are
interested in publishing innovative and cutting edge research, practical
applications and their implications, and ideas and speculation about future
directions for UX. Interested writers should review our instructions for
authors (
before submitting articles online.

2. The Dialog Box, a new kind of review section. Weave's Dialog Box aims to
extend beyond the traditional book review section and feature critical
dialog not only with books but with other media that set the boundaries of
library user experience. Because we aim to encourage creativity, our
submission requirements are flexible. But all Dialog Box features will
start from and engage an existing "artifact" relevant to library UX.
Interested writers should review our Dialog Box submission requirements (
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Submissions can be uploaded at:

Unless otherwise noted, all content in Weave UX is distributed under a
Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY: in order to allow for the
greatest possible dissemination of our authors' work.  If this license
would prevent you from publishing in Weave, then please contact us at
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