Thanks for organizing this, Kevin.  I did some initial work a couple 
months ago as part of the sponsorship committee.

Rosenfeld Media is sending Tim McGeary a bunch of giveaway books. 
  O'Reilly is also offering a free ebook to all attendees, but if you 
can convince them to donate physical giveaway books too, that would be 


On 11/22/13 12:04 PM, Kevin S. Clarke wrote:
> Who doesn't like free programming/tech/library books?
> Each year at the Code4Lib conference, we try to give away goodies (books,
> licenses, etc.) in a raffle (that takes place throughout the conference).
>   To make this possible, we need folks willing to contact book publishers
> and inquire whether they'd like to contribute some books to the Code4Lib
> conference.  This is good exposure for the publishers and good for the
> individual Code4Lib'ers who get to walk away with nice books and licenses,
> etc.  When we contact publishers, we usually mention how long Code4Lib has
> been around, the focus of the group, and that we have a website we'd be
> glad to thank them on (and from the podium at the conference, too, of
> course).
> If you are interested in being a book (or license, etc.) wrangler, please
> sign up on the conference planning wiki:
> Below are some of the book publishers that have, in the past, donated books
> to us:
> Pragmatic Programmers -- (mbklein is currently
> signed up for this)
> Chandos Publishing --
> No Starch --
> O'Reilly -- (ksclarke is currently signed up for
> this)
> APress --
> Packt Publishing --
> Manning --
> Morgan and Claypool --
> If you'd like to contact one of them, feel free to pick one and add it to
> your name on the Book_Give-Away_Committee wiki page.
> OxygenXML has contributed licenses in the past; Andrew Nagy, I think you've
> been their contact?  Would you like to do that again?
> Also, if you know of other publishers we haven't contacted before (local NC
> Triangle tech bookstores, for instance) that might like to contribute, feel
> free to sign up on the wiki page and indicate that you'll contact them.
> And, as a reward for reading this far, if you have titles that you'd like
> for us to request from these publishers, feel free to respond to this email
> letting the Book Give-Away Committee know so that we can request them from
> the publishers.
> Thanks!
> Kevin

Shaun Ellis
User Interface Developer, Digital Initiatives
Princeton University Library