Does the entity you pay need to be in Canada (that is, accept payment in 
Canadian dollars), or do the servers need to be there?  Or both?

I use for my personal hosting.  Their business 
office is in Canada, but I'm unclear on where their servers are.  Their 
documentation is written assuming you have strong technical skills, but 
they respond quickly (and tersely) whenever I've needed help to address 
gaps in my skills.  They have some specific instructions for 
installation of WordPress once you've connected to them through SSH:

They also have documentation in French in case that's helpful.


On 2:59 PM, Cynthia Ng wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Apologies for cross-posting, but code4lib is much more active, and has more
> Canadians that I've seen.
> I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a WordPress hosting
> solution? And yes, it needs to be in Canada. I can do most of my own
> dev-type work, so really it just needs to be setup to run WordPress
> (preferably with 1-click install), and most of all, reliable, hopefully
> with good customer service for when we need to contact the company.
> Okay, also preferable is that they do daily backups for us and has
> excellent security (considering it's WordPress).
> Too many hosting solutions include email and a bunch of other stuff, and I
> need it only for WordPress and nothing else.
> A name, plus at least 1-2 reasons on the recommendation would be great!
> Thanks in advance,
> Cynthia