I was reminded earlier this week at DLF (and a few minutes ago by Tom 
and Simeon) that I hadn't ever announced a project I've been working for 
the least year or so to this list. I showed an early version in a 
lightning talk at code4libcon last year.

Meet Loris:

Loris is a Python based image server that implements the IIIF Image API 
version 1.1 level 2[1].

It can take JP2 (if you make Kakadu available to it), TIFF, or JPEG 
source images, and hand back JPEG, PNG, TIF, and GIF (why not...).

Here's a demo of the server directly:

And here's a sample of the server backing OpenSeadragon[2]:



Jon Stroop
Digital Initiatives Programmer/Analyst
Princeton University Library
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