Okay, thanks Bob.

I guess for the moment I might just keep using Marc4J by building it 
myself from master without doing an official release.

I think that's probably better than halfway doing a release, like 
tagging it in the repo with a release tag, but without doing a proper 
maven release, just confusing everyone.

If anyone wants to take on a bit of release management for Marc4J -- 
sounds like we could use you!  Ie, figuring out how to do it, 
documenting it in the marc4j repo, making any changes to Marc4J source 
repo to make it easier, etc.  Tod Olsen tells me another part of this 
puzzle is making sure the javadocs get re-generated (to where? I have no 

Anyone want to help? A bunch of people use marc4j, often through 
downstream dependencies, you'd have many thanks!


On 11/13/13 5:15 PM, Robert Haschart wrote:
> I believe that is one of the open issues for Marc4j.   I do not know how
> to push a jar or a new version of a jar to a Maven repo.
> I believe Bill Dueber was looking into this just last month when he
> wrote the following to the Solrmarc list:
>     I'm trying to get marc4j into maven central, and I don't know who
>     owns the domain. If it's one of us, then we can use it. If not,
>     well, I'm not sure what we do (except maybe use the github location?)
>     --
>     Bill Dueber
>     Library Systems Programmer
>     University of Michigan Library
> The last release I did was to merely create the jar in the releases
> sub-directory, and reference it in the README.textile file. That
> emulates the way the releases had been done from the site,
> but its not the right way to do a release.
> -Bob Haschart
> On 11/13/2013 4:43 PM, Jonathan Rochkind wrote:
>> I am a committer, but I have no idea how to do a marc4j release.
>> There are some fixes in master repo for marc4j. I can find all the
>> parts of the source code that seem to have a version number and change
>> them. I can make a git tag with the version number.
>> But what else is entailed, how do people actually get marc4j?  I need
>> to update maven repo somehow or something? Anyone?