Thank you for the replies, and after a bit of investigation I learned that I donít need to do authentication because the vendor does IP authentication. Nice! On the other hand, I was still not able to resolve my original problem. 

I needed/wanted to download tenís of thousands, if not hundredís of thousands of citations for text mining analysis. The Web interface to the database/index limits output to 4,000 items and selecting the set of these items is beyond tedious ó it is cruel and unusual punishment. I then got the idea of using EndNoteís z39.50 client, and after a bit of back & forth I got it working, but the downloading process was too slow. I then got the bright idea of writing my own z39.50 client (below). Unfortunately, I learned that the 4,000 record limit is more than that. A person can only download the first 4,000 records in a found set. Requests for record 4001, 4002, etc. fail. This is true in my locally written client as well as in EndNote.

Alas, it looks as if I am unable to download the data I need/require, unless somebody at the vendor give me a data dump. On the other hand, since my locally written client is so short and simple, I think I can create a Web-based interface to query many different z39.50 targets and provide on-the-fly text mining analysis against the results.

In short, I learned a great many things.

Eric Lease Morgan
University of Notre Dame


# - rudimentary z39.50 client to query the NY Times

# Eric Lease Morgan <[log in to unmask]>
# November 13, 2013 - first cut; "Happy Birthday, Steve!"

# usage: ./ > nytimes.marc

# configure
use constant DB     => 'hnpnewyorktimes';
use constant HOST   => '';
use constant PORT   => 210;
use constant QUERY  => '@attr 1=1016 "trade or tariff"';
use constant SYNTAX => 'usmarc';

# require
use strict;
use ZOOM;

# do the work
eval {

	# connect; configure; search
	my $conn = new ZOOM::Connection( HOST, PORT, databaseName => DB );
	$conn->option( preferredRecordSyntax => SYNTAX );
	my $rs = $conn->search_pqf( QUERY );

	# requests > 4000 return errors
	# print $rs->record( 4001 )->raw;
	# retrieve; will break at record 4,000 because of vendor limitations
	for my $i ( 0 .. $rs->size ) {
		print STDERR "\tRetrieving record #$i\r";
		print $rs->record( $i )->raw;

# report errors
if ( $@ ) { print STDERR "Error ", $@->code, ": ", $@->message, "\n" }

# done