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Dear All,
Find attached a brief on the state of toilets in our urban setting as reported in a recent research findings from the SANIPATH project. Some highlights of the brief:
Out of the 313 public latrine stalls observed, about 30% had visible feces on the walls or slabs, about 45% did not have secure stance, about 10% had a chance of falling through and about 74% had no doors. In addition, about 64% had flies in them and there was a “terrible” odor in about 40% of the stalls. Of a sample of 20 public toilets surveyed, 9% had a handwash-ing station, 95% provided newspaper for anal cleansing, 40% provided toilet tissue pa-per for anal cleansing and 25% provided water for anal clean-sing. About 73% of the households surveyed spent an average of 81 pesewas daily (295 cedis annually) on the use of public toilets.

More information is available in the attached brief.

Happy World Toilet Day! (I can almost hear you respond, "...Shit well!") 


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