OCLC is seeking nominations for participants in a new, intensive multi-day event that brings coders together to put OCLC web services to work solving practical library problems for colleagues and users.

Sponsored by the OCLC Developer Network<>, Developer House gathers a small group of library coders together, with support from OCLC technical staff, for five days of innovative development using OCLC Web services.  The event, which runs from February 3rd - 7th in Dublin, Ohio, promises to immerse participants in high-intensity effort in a relaxed environment where we can get down to the business of meeting library needs through code...and having a lot of fun while we do it.

Developer House<> is envisioned as an event longer than a hackathon, where we can carve out time and space away from competing priorities and really sink our teeth into something together with colleagues. The group will begin its work in the Developer House living room, where they'll decide which ideas to tackle, and then work alongside OCLC technical experts, who will also provide hands on support tailored to the group's interests.

The only pre-defined outcome for Developer House is time devoted to solving problems for libraries and sharpening coding skills. Solutions can be anything from applications to tutorials to code libraries-anything that supports libraries with code and uses OCLC Web services is fair game - and will be shared with the Developer Network community.

Whether you know someone awesome or want a seat on the sofa yourself, the OCLC Developer Network is now accepting nominations through Dec 13, 2013. Self-nominations are encouraged. You don't have to be an expert coder to participate -- we're looking for creative thinkers and effective problem solvers with a mix of skills to make a cohesive group. Some demonstrated familiarity with APIs and OCLC Web services will be considered beneficial.  OCLC will provide for lodging and meals, with an additional travel stipend of US$ 250 for each attendee.
Nominate someone today!<>

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