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> Thanks.
> As much as I love arguments about https and comparing notes on various
> pet-projects, I wish the website was a little more … put together. This
> list has added about 30-40+ mails per day to my inbox, and I'm only really
> looking for one bit of information.

> I might have written "Hotel reservations will be able to be made after you
> register (sometime early-mid Janueary 2014)
> using the information provided in your registration confirmation."
> I'm hard to please. ;)

Is there anything in particular that is unclear or not put together? You
can either *submit a patch* to fix it. Contact the person who posted this
and ask for clarity. Ideally still *submit a patch*.

The organizers are all volunteering their time. You could make their lives
and what one can imagine the others suffering in silence like you by
volunteering to fix it... even by simply saying what is missing. Most of
them (I dare say ALL) will gladly accept "pull requests".

Otherwise like Cynthiar suggested it will be impossible to miss when
registration opens. Take a look at the Archives [0] if you need proof.





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