Annotorius has been integrated with OpenLayers [1] to support annotation of maps on zoomable images.  Quite excellent work indeed, thanks to Rainer.  

As part of IIIF [2] and Shared Canvas [3] we have been targeting a similar OpenSeadragon integration with Annotorius and then making this a feature/modality in the Mirador image comparison environment [4]. Part of the roadmap for Mirador is to have annotation viewing and making integrated with OpenSeadragon (or similarly tiled) zooming.



On Nov 10, 2013, at 12:34 PM, Edward Summers wrote:

> Annotorious [1] is a neat little JavaScript library for adding annotations to an image, and displaying them later. I might be wrong, but it doesnít appear to support zoomable images at the moment. I do see there was some cross-project activity with OpenSeaDragon [2] so maybe asking over there will yield some leads? Ranier Simon gave a excellent, brief presentation about Annotorious at iAnnotate earlier this year. [3]
> Leaflet [4] is widely known as a JavaScript library for doing maps; but the tiling that goes on when displaying maps is very similar to zooming on other images like in OpenSeaDragon. Because it is oriented around maps, it definitely supports drawing paths, polygons, other shapes, and there are lots of plugins [5] for various things, including overlaying stuff over the image with Raphael.
> Another thing to look at from the digital library research angle might be the SharedCanvas work [6,7]. Iím similarly curious to hear if other people have done annotation with zoomable interfaces before. 
> Wondering out loud a bit: donít your archivists need to make the annotations on a zoomable interface, even if your end-users donít?
> //Ed
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> On Nov 10, 2013, at 9:41 AM, Ethan Gruber <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Does anyone have experience with an image zooming engine in conjunction
>> with image annotation? I don't want end users to annotate things
>> themselves, but allow them to click on annotations added by an archivist.