Dear NDSA Membership:

The polls for the 2014 NDSA Coordinating Committee elections are open! Cast your vote by close of business on Friday, December 6, 2013 here:

As a reminder, only one (1) ballot may be cast per member organization. The Program Representative or a designated proxy of each member organization may submit your organization's vote.

Biographies of each of the candidates are attached and available from:

Information about the Coordinating Committee:

There are three available seats available on the Coordinating Committee, so both candidates would have a seat if elected.   Current committee members are listed here:

The Coordinating Committee is dedicated to the advancement of Alliance activities and furthering communication within the Alliance.

The Coordinating Committee works with the Working Groups to articulate a long-term, strategic vision for the Alliance. The Committee assists the Alliance Members in evaluating the effectiveness of the Working Groups and eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort between the Working Groups. Participants in the Coordinating Committee will act as liaison with one or more of the Working Groups. The Coordinating Committee will recommend for the creation of new Working Groups or to disband Working Groups that are no longer actively serving the needs of the Alliance.

The Coordinating Committee is responsible for updating eligibility standards for membership in the Alliance as necessary. Coordinating Committee members may be nominated by Participants in the Alliance or may self nominate. Coordinating Committee members are elected by a simple majority of all votes cast over an open voting period, typically two weeks.

The Coordinating Committee members should represent the various communities that make up the NDSA.

Thank you for your participation,

Barrie Howard
Coordinator, Program Management
National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program
Office of Strategic Initiatives
The Library of Congress
101 Independence Avenue, SE
Washington DC 20540-1300
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