On 12/5/13 8:11 AM, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
> Where will I get the URIs from? I will get them by combining some sort 
> of unique code (like an OCLC symbol) or namespace with the value of 
> the MARC records' 001 fields.

You actually need 3 URIs per triple:

subject URI (which is what I believe you are creating, above)
predicate URI (the "data element" URI, like <>
object URI (the URI for the data you are providing, like

The first two MUST be URIs. The third SHOULD be a URI but can also be a 
string. However, strings, in the linked data space, do NOT LINK. If you 
only have strings in the object/value space then you can run searches 
against your data, but your data cannot link to other data. Creating 
linked data that doesn't link isn't terribly useful.

(In case this doesn't make sense to anyone reading, I have a slide deck 
that illustrates this. I've uploaded it to: )

A key first step for all of us is to start getting identifiers into our 
data, even before we start thinking about linked data. MARC records in 
systems that recognize authority control should be able to store or 
provide on output the URI of every authority-controlled entity. This 
should not be terribly difficult (ok, famous last words, I know). But if 
your vendor system can "flip" headings then it should also be able to 
provide a URI (especially since LC has conveniently made their URIs 
derivable from the LC record numbers).

With identifiers for things, THEN you are really linking.


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