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> Returning an HTML document (or XML document as I get) in
> response to a request for an RDA property or class is wrong in the Linked
> Data sense [note 1]. This is explained in the W3C WG Note that you
> referred to in recipe 2 [2].

I'm the co-author of that note, so I'm all too familiar with it. :-)

At the moment, it shouldn't be possible to request html from without getting redirected to (hosted
on github using github pages). Although I'm doing a minimal job of checking
the HTTP Accept header.

> Are you planning on introducing 303-redirects?

I'm deeply embarrassed (really) by the fact that the redirect is not a 303
and that it may not be consistent. As well as by the fact that it doesn't
return the requested fragment (which I still believe is best practice). So,
yeah, as soon as I get back from the ALA Midwinter conference (sooner if I
can get some meeting-free time). I'll at least get a 303 redirect header in
there (still learning nginx).