No.  I am working with our repository resources which is an eclectic mixture of resource types.  I just want to simply embed our metadata in our search results and record displays for other tools to use.  It seems cheap and reasonable to do I just didn't want to limit this feature to only certain resource types.


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Hi Chad,

Are these subscription images/video/audio that libraries have? The original
purpose of COinS, as I understand it, was to get people to subscription
copies. Depending on what you're doing (i.e. the purpose/intended use)
there might be a better standard these days.

In case it helps there's more info here:
(though it looks like the generator isn't up any longer, maybe due to "OCLC
New Jersey" hosting?)

Hopefully you'll get some more helpful advice from others!


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> I was able to easily find and create COinS for books and journals.  I
> started thinking about images, video, audio, etc.  I see references to
> 'info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:unknown' as a rft_val_fmt value some places.  I would
> assume if I went down that road the rft.genre would have a value of
> 'unknown' as well.  Is there some other alternative I am missing when
> handling other formats?
> Thanks!
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