Basically embedding metadata on resource pages and result lists for other tools to pickup.  I would probably build off of it for other *things* that are yet to be determined.


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What's your use case for the COinS, Chad?


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> The missing formats are missing because they were never defined in the
> OpenURL standard. There is a registry of formats [1] that was designed to
> be updatable, although few updates have been done. I worked on the document
> type standards that are there today, and would happily help develop
> additional types if we can get some assurance that they could be added to
> the standard. I honestly do not know what mechanism exists for adding new
> types, but if anyone is interested we could ping the appropriate folks at
> OCLC and see.
> kc
> [1]
> ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&set=Core:Metadata+Formats
> On 1/17/14, 8:36 AM, Chad Mills wrote:
>> I was able to easily find and create COinS for books and journals.  I
>> started thinking about images, video, audio, etc.  I see references to
>> 'info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:unknown' as a rft_val_fmt value some places.  I would
>> assume if I went down that road the rft.genre would have a value of
>> 'unknown' as well.  Is there some other alternative I am missing when
>> handling other formats?
>> Thanks!
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