Hi!  We're hiring.

  "We are looking for a software developer to join our growing IT team. Our team works on digitization, technology, and development; it comprises full-time staff responsible for digitization operations, IT services, library systems, web development, software development, and project management.  We are in the thick of all the things academic library IT groups are doing: improving user experience across diverse services, mass reformatting operations, developing new software and services for our community, and working more and more with diverse data and digital collections. We want to add somebody who will help us move wisely and efficiently through our tasks and projects so we can focus together on redefining the library as a platform for information access and services."

Filling this position will double our full-time developer staff.  There is room in the position for a healthy range of tasks, roles, starting skill level, and experience (come in at rank L2, L3, or L4) and we can offer an appropriate salary to match.  There are good benefits with this Librarian-classed position, including the potential for six months of paid research leave and substantial tuition discounts for employees their family members.  And we mean it - right now three members of our team alone (including me) are working on graduate degrees using tuition discounts available to GW employees.

Nearly every software project we work on is free and open source; most of our work is managed in github:

We publish our software under an MIT-style license that accords with an explicit free/open source software release policy approved by senior GW administration.  We are optimizing our dev workflows around how github works, using tickets, milestones, branches, pull requests, and travis builds.  We do this to align ourselves with the broader free software community and because it helps us deliver our work better to the GW community.

If this sounds good to you, and if you meet the minimum/basic qualifications, please consider applying.  We've got a lot going on and we could use your help.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, -Dan