Hi Ed,
I only have a second to respond, but we have digital content available 
in our Finding Aids site.  You can view images (microfiche style), 
browse thumbnails, or download a PDF. Unfortunately, we don't have a 
"viewer" for AV content at the moment, but do link out to the files when 
we can.  We also would like to add some zoom capabilities to images (via 
OpenSeadragon and Loris) when we get a chance.

Here's a recent addition:

Some components can have hundreds of pages, so we lazy load the 
thumbnails as you can see here by selecting "View Images > Browse 

We also have an "Online Access" facet, though it could be more visible...

Let me know if you have any questions,

On 1/14/14 10:38 AM, Edward Summers wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if anyone can point me at example(s) of finding aids (either EAD XML or HTML) that are linked to digital object of some kind. For example a container list that links to a digital image that is available on the Web.
> Iím doing a bit of an informal survey so if you see someone has responded, but you have a different example please send it along either here on list or to me directly.
> Thanks!
> //Ed
> PS. sorry for the duplication.

Shaun Ellis
User Interface Developer, Digital Initiatives
Princeton University Library