Hi Kids,

I’m starting in on creating a support/giving/budget portal (in Drupal) for our university library and am doing my due diligence on content and features.  To that end:

  *   Does anyone have an active online site/section/campaign that discusses budgetary and support issues in a technologically interesting way?  I remember the library value calculators  and the from a few years back (anyone still use these? Data?) and am curious if anyone posts data visualizations or has examples of really well structured rhetorical online presentations to make their cases for budgetary changes (dealing with shortfalls), funding new buildings, monitory donations, and acquiring materials donations, etc. I realize that most of us have a “giving” page or section in our sites, but I’m interested in stuff that’s pushing boundaries in terms of display or data integration.

  *   Can anyone share their experience with the effectiveness of bookplates, Donor “Walls”, or calling out praise in exhibits, etc.  Brown has their bookpalate implementation that a number of libraries are using, and I’m curious if any of you use it (or something similar), and if you have stats or anecdotal evidence about how these strategies “work.” I have my doubts that regular users care where stuff came from, but does anyone have information on their effects in the Donor community? I can buy that it contributes to an institutions’ ethos of good stewardship, but I’m curious if there’s anyone who has been able to quantify this in some way.

  *   Anyone using social media, produced youtube videos, or other rich media as part of your support/giving strategies? Any examples of “viral” (ugg) marketing around these issues worth sharing. Stats?

  *   Anyone have analytics stats on their giving/support pages, created personas or done interviews with donors to see what they actually want/expect from us?  I have my assumptions about making effective narrative cases and can see many of the existing patterns on library sites out there, but any of your user data would be welcome.

I know this is a lot, so thanks for any thoughts in advance.

William Hicks

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