GLAM Hack Philly, a hackathon for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and
Museums, is almost here. It will take place on the weekend of February 1-2
at Kislak Center for Special Collections in  University of Pennsylvania
Library . More info at

Attending the hackathon is free and we welcome all skill levels and

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Several exciting challenges have already been submitted:

DPLA (Digital Public Library of America) wants help improving the accuracy
of geocoding the diverse and heterogeneous data it ingests from libraries,
archives and museums from all over the country.

The British Museum’s Linked Open dataset, which contains 2 million objects
and 177 million relations, is ripe for visualization, as well as exploring
attempts at disambiguation.

 A Danish manuscript research project “The fornaldarsögur noršurlanda
(literally ‘ancient sagas of the northern lands’, but often referred to in
English as ‘mythical-heroic’ or ‘legendary’ sagas) has a large collection
of manuscript images, transcriptions, and metadata and want you to help
them build something cool with it.

In partnership with the Department of Making and Doing, work will be done
to convert data visualizations and maps into tactile objects (via laser
cutting) for use by people with visual impairments.

Longwood Gardens has a unique collection of Wild Boxwood, and has data on
where they were collected in the Caucus Region and Eastern Europe, and
images of those plants that they would love to see plotted and mapped.

There is still time to submit a challenge. If you are interested, feel free
to email us at [log in to unmask]

There will also be a chance to anyone to pitch an idea for a project at the
start of the hackathon, so even if your great idea only hits you the night
before the hackathon, you will still have a chance to work on it!

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