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*Metadata Intersections: Bridging the Archipelago of Cultural Memory*

DC-2014 International Conference and Annual Meeting of DCMI
8-11 October 2014
AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center
   The University of Texas at Austin

*Call for Participation:

*Researchers, practicing professionals and students* with broad interests
in principled metadata design and best practices have gathered annually
since 1995 under the DCMI banner to exchange ideas, to discover important
common ground, and to work on shared problems. As one of the first broadly
inclusive efforts at crowdsourcing expertise on the Web, the DCMI community
has been a key player in the evolving information environment of the Web of
documents and data.

Metadata is fundamental in enabling ubiquitous access to cultural and
scientific resources through galleries, libraries, archives and museums
(GLAM). While fundamental, GLAM traditions in documentation and
organization lead to significant differences in both their languages of
description and domain practices. And yet, the push is on for "radically
open cultural heritage data" that bridges these differences as well as
those across the humanities and the sciences. DC-2014 will explore the role
of metadata in spanning the archipelago of siloed cultural memory in an
emerging context of linked access to data repositories as well as
repositories of cultural artifacts.

Submissions of papers, reports, and posters are welcome in all areas of
innovative metadata design and best practices.

*Peer-Reviewed Papers, Project Reports & Posters:*
 Submission Deadline: 3 April 2014
 Author Notification: 12 July 2014
 Final Copy: 16 August 2014

*Special & Panel Sessions, Workshops:*
 Submission Deadline: 3 April 2014
 Author Notification: 1 June 2014

*Best Practice Posters & Demonstrations*
 Submission Deadline: 2 June 2014
 Author Notification: 30 June 2014

(All deadlines: Midnight, Pacific Standard Time)

*Program Committee Chairs:*

 William Moen, *School of Library and Information Sciences, University of
North Texas, United States*
 Amy Rushing, *University of Texas at San Antonio, United States*


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