Hey Everyone,

The team putting together the Responsive Design Hackfest pre-conference at
Code4Lib 2014 is looking to gather expectations and needs from registered
participants. Specifically, we're looking to understand areas of interest
and experience levels. The following are topics we could focus in on, but
want to hear more from registered individuals regarding optimal topics to
help us prepare:

- Bootstrap basics: responsive design 101

- JQuery basics: how to pull in data from room reservation JSON feeds into
responsive sites

- HTML parsing to create webservices from space based APIs: e.g. rooms
available, technologies available, and the like

- Additional API coaching on VuFind (catalog, item availability, favorites,
reserves) based middleware available at:<>

- Advanced topics on Middleware design to power data pulled into responsive
sites: e.g. how to extend library data using HTML parsers, business logic,
and lightweight RESTful web services

Thank you,

Jim H.