Does anybody here have: 1) experience installing and configuring a program called Recollection, and 2) experience with supporting this application in their library?  

Recollection is the underlying infrastructure behind a ViewShare, and ViewShare looks like a pretty cool tool for simple digital humanities websites. [1, 2] Create dataset in the form of MODS, Excel files, or OAI-PMP repositories. Feed data to Recollection. Tweak data. Generate different views of data. Let people see your views.

We have a growing number of graduate students who come to our center with data in hand, and they want websites. Recollection looks promising, but I am having problems installing it. I get file not found errors. There are varying installation instructions. Iím beginning to pull my hair out. 

Does anybody have experience with this Recollection?

[1] Recollection -
[2] ViewShare -

Eric Lease Morgan