I'm in the process of doing that now with some google apps and google scripts. I've written a script that allows an automatic email and calendar invite to be sent to a faculty member who requests a class via a google form. I'm just trying to get it to sync with outlook and figure out how to have it select a librarian based on each librarians availability. 


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> I am given a project whose requirements are shown below.  Before I get started, I would like to check with the list.  I am sure there exist quite a lot similar things, but I am looking for something easy to customize.  I would prefer  simple ones instead of powerful ones, so I can add or modify the functionalities to meet my own needs.   Code can be written in PHP or .NET.
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> Library instructional class scheduler
> 1.    Class Requester (Faculty)
> Allow faculty to submit class requests on a certain date and time.  Provide a list of classes scheduled or a calendar that would show the classes already scheduled during the request process.    Allow faculty to upload the document needed for the class.  Allow faculty to update his/her own class.  After submission is completed, an email notification would send out to all involved parties (requestor (faculty), scheduler (librarian).
> Allow faculty to view a list of the classes they have requested.  
> 2.    Class Scheduler (designated librarian)
> The scheduler receives email notification once the class request is completed and can edit any inaccuracies.   The scheduler can assign classes to instructors (librarians) on a certain date and time, and assignment information will send to the class requester and the instructor.
> The scheduler can add classes manually, and delete old or unwanted classes.
> 3.    Class Instructors (Librarians)
> All librarians can view the list of assigned classes with assignment or any files sent from requester.
> All librarians can add/upload their comments, lesson plans, or suggestions to future classes, after completion of their class if desired.
> All librarians can view past comments/lesson plans/suggestions, in a manner that you can sort, search, or limit to view only the comments relevant to a particular class.
> 4.    Statistics and recordkeeping (Librarians)
> Generate statistical reports (monthly, annually, or by semester).  The reports include: total classes, total students, number of classes and students by department, number of classes taught by each librarian, etc .
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