Sorry for not getting back on this sooner. I help project manage Viewshare at LC. At this point, there are a few folks I know of who have set up their own instances of the software to tinker with but for the most part people are just having users sign up to use the instance LC hosts. 

With that said, it would be great to get info on the particular issues you ran into so that it can be easier for other folks to work with the platform. Feel free to email me directly and I can connect you with some of the developers or to post an issue on github where they could get back to you. 

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Does anybody here have: 1) experience installing and configuring a program called Recollection, and 2) experience with supporting this application in their library?  

Recollection is the underlying infrastructure behind a ViewShare, and ViewShare looks like a pretty cool tool for simple digital humanities websites. [1, 2] Create dataset in the form of MODS, Excel files, or OAI-PMP repositories. Feed data to Recollection. Tweak data. Generate different views of data. Let people see your views.

We have a growing number of graduate students who come to our center with data in hand, and they want websites. Recollection looks promising, but I am having problems installing it. I get file not found errors. There are varying installation instructions. I'm beginning to pull my hair out. 

Does anybody have experience with this Recollection?

[1] Recollection -
[2] ViewShare -

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