Beyond the last couple of years, I don't know what's been done, but seems
to make sense if it's someone from the social committee who can speak to
all the "outside of conference session" stuff that's going on as well. Of
course, you could just appoint (or have someone volunteer) and have
everyone throw ideas at them.

I thought between the two of us, Becky and I didn't do a bad job, so
whoever it is can always reuse some slides.

Here are the speaking points I had from last year's opening
announcement/housekeeping slot:
* Welcome

* Code of Conduct:

Code4Lib is dedicated to providing a welcoming, fun, and safe (read:
harassment-free) community.

** During the conference: Francis, Tod, Margaret

* quick thanks to organizers/sponsors/volunteers/etc

* wifi info

* twitter hashtag

* IRC + Help

* other (newcomer) conf info: Becky

* presenters should load stuff at break unless using own computer
* lightning talk signups (after keynote)
* breakout session signups (on google doc)