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REMINDER:  We will be having the ArchivesSpace Code4Lib Hackfest + Meetup
on Thursday March 27 1:00- 5:00PM at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel.
If you are going to be around, we would love to meet you and talk about
 archives. Look for a more detailed announce to follow shortly....

The ArchivesSpace team is pleased to announce the release of 1.0.7.

This release includes several new features and bugfixes, including a fix
for a very critical security "hole"for ArchivesSpace deployments using LDAP

This release also supports use of the Archon to ArchivesSpace migration
tool and includes the following features and fixes:

* BUG [#66853752]( LDAP
Login with no password
* FEATURE [#62105014](
Collection management: add processing started date property
* FEATURE [#62848096]( As a
public user, I would like to see linked digital object files rendered in
the UI (where possible)
* FEATURE [#49569471]( As an
Administrator, I want to define a rule to construct ref_ids for resource
* FEATURE [#52047705]( Add
identifier (id_0..id_3 concatenated)  to Resources index view (staff UI)
* FEATURE [#62785022]( As a
user, I want to be able to sort (primary and secondary) on any data element
appearing in a browse screen.
* FEATURE [#62894440]( As an
archivist, I would like to have a Rapid Data Entry Tool for creating
digital object component records
* FEATURE [#48085781]( EAD
imports should map "audience" attributes appropriately
* FEATURE [#52316641]( Public
UI should render index items in a way that allows users to navigate to the
designated component
* BUG [#62026654]( MARCXML
import breaks on authority records
* FEATURE [#23369937]( As an
Archivist, I want to import Name records from the LCNAF web service
* FEATURE [#62551360]( Make
sort by features for agents and subjects consistent across Staff and Public
* FEATURE [#51597121](
Locations: break building, floor, room, area into separate columns and
facets in index view
* FEATURE [#39233355]( As a
Repository Manager or Administor, I want to avoid seeing suppressed records
by default
* FEATURE [#65000166]( As a
repository manager, I would like multi-part notes to require one
sub-note/part to be saved and the sub-note/part can be any type that is
* FEATURE [#64612226]( As an
archivist editing a resource or resource component in the staff UI, I would
like instance records to be in a collapsed view by default, and I would
like to expand and collapse them on demand.
* FEATURE [#47583573]( As an
Archivist, I want to be able to collapse notes in the edit view in the
staff UI, with each entry consisting of the note type, the note label (when
different than type) and about 25 characters from the beginning of the note
* FEATURE [#63846730]( As
public user and as an archivist, I want to search for a defined resource by
entering a mulitpart collection ID in the search box
* FEATURE [#20740465]( As an
Administrator, I want to export my repository record as CSV
* FEATURE [#46401143]( As a
researcher, I want to be able to use Subjects in an Advanced Search
* FEATURE [#52226471]( Events
should be displayed/linked on (Accession | DO | Resource | Component) show
views and index views, with the option to create new events on the edit view
* FEATURE [#65825396]( As a
repository manager, I do not want name contact information published to the
* FEATURE [#39402005]( As a
Repository Manager or an Administrator, I want to suppress a (Digital
Object | Digital Object Component | Resource | Resource Component)
* BUG [#65864630]( Link
statements using HTTPS are not active in the Digital Object view in Public
* FEATURE [#65826472]( There
should be a delete option on the location record staff view and edit modes.

* BUG [#66535718]( merge
button in edit controlled value lists not working in v 1.0.7 rc1
* BUG [#66589136]( Cannot
search or browse for Agents to be merged
* BUG [#66125918]( CSV
importer errors out on UTF-8 file with a BOM
* BUG [#54842798]( When
tabbing through tree nodes, there is no indication which node has focus

ArchivesSpace 1.0.7 is open source software; the application and its source
code are available on Github. Build instructions and technical
documentation<> are
also provided for the more technically inclined.

ArchivesSpace is also a member-supported community.  Lists of current
members are posted at  If you are
interested in becoming a member, please send a request to
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Chris Fitzpatrick | [log in to unmask]
Developer, ArchivesSpace