Hi Maura,

Thank you for your request. :)
Sure. I can bring some.c
# Matcha might be nice. Last year was Japanese strawberry.

I heard that two or three attendees from Japan, including me.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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> Hey all!
> This will be my first year attending the Code4Lib conference (yay), and I
> was told that there is a contingent of Japanese librarians/coders who come
> every year. Any chance I could convince one/some of you to bring me some
> neat flavored kit-kats? I was looking for the matcha and purple sweet
> potato flavors in particular, but I'm open to suggestions as well. I'd pay
> you back for them, obviously :-).
> こんにちは皆さん。私の名前はマウラです。今年のCODE4LIBにいきます。日本のキットカットが大好きです!
> 私に日本からキットカットを買ってくれません?抹茶と紅いもの味を探していますけど、何でも味はいいです〜!
> 会議である返金させていただきます。本当にありがとう〜!
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