Hi everyone,

We have an update on the call for conference hosting proposals for #c4l15!
Currently we have one and a half proposals. The half proposal is from LA,
where the hard working folks have hit this thing called "Red Tape". We have
been asked to give a small extension to them to cut through said Red Tape,
which the general consensus on the code4libcon list was a "+1" to moving
their deadline to Tuesday, March 18th.

We're looking at opening up voting around Wednesday, March 19th. In the
meantime, we'll keep you updated if there's any new information.

Happy Pi Day,

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Hi Friends,

Just a friendly reminder that the deadline to submit proposals for Code4Lib
2015 is midnight PST March 12th. So if you haven't gotten your proposals in
you still have a month. Information for submitting a proposal is below.

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> The Code4Lib Community is calling for proposals to host the tenth annual
> Code4Lib Conference in 2015. Prior to submitting a proposal we recommend
> reviewing the conference hosting web page [1] and How To Plan a
> on the wiki [2] to learn more about the kind of venue the community seeks
> and the responsibilities involved with hosting the conference.
> The deadline for proposals is midnight PST Wednesday March 12th, 2014. The
> decision will be made by a popular vote. Voting will begin on or around
> Friday March 14th, 2014 and will continue until midnight PST March 26th,
> 2014. The results of the vote will be announced Thursday morning at the
> Code4Lib conference 2014 and emailed out to the listserv.
> You can apply by making your pitch to the Code4Lib Conference Planning
> list [3] and linking to your proposal on the 2015 Hosting Proposals wiki
> page [4]; attention to the criteria listed on the conference hosting page
> is appreciated. Good luck!
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> Have a look at past proposals for ideas.
> 2014 Winner:
> 2013 Winner:
> 2012 Winner:
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