Thanks for all the feedback on decision making, it was overwhelming
towards Raleigh Times Bar (!

There was some comment about getting private space at RT -- yes, that
was available with a $500 deposit and $2000 minimum of food/drink
orders. Which, understandably, I'm not going to lay down my credit
card for. So with that in mind, we'll be in the general area and they
know we're coming!

I've updated the wiki:

Even if you didn't confirm, all are welcome!

I will be going over sometime between 7-730, I may go over for dinner
before hand. I'm tall (6'); short-ish red-ish hair (it could change
color before next week!). Both of my arms from elbows to shoulders are
fairly tattooed (I have half-sleeves started on both). I'm pretty

While I went on social media sabbatical for 40 days, I realised that
isn't going to be conducive during the conference so I'll be on
Twitter from Sunday - Thursday if anyone wants to go over with me or
get directions or whatever.


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