Electronic Records Manager
Georgia Archives

The Electronic Records Manager works closely with Archives staff and with
state and local government agencies throughout Georgia. This position is
highly visible with statewide influence on the direction of digital and
information management programs in Georgia. The position
requires extensive knowledge of records management and digital archives, the
ability to think strategically and innovatively, and the ability to work well
with colleagues, government employees, and elected officials.


1) Provide leadership and oversight for the Electronic Records Program (ERP)
to ensure the accountability, authenticity, reliability, trustworthiness, and
interoperability of electronic records

a. Work with all stakeholders to develop and/or revise policies, rules and
guidelines concerning the creation, active use, and long-term management of
electronic records and electronic records systems, based on national and
international standards

b. Provide recommendations for electronic recordkeeping systems

c. Manage electronic records keeping system

d. Serve as backup coordinator of maintenance of Georgia Archives website and
network when primary coordinator is unavailable

e. Assist in the development of backup and disaster recovery procedures and of
security plans and procedures for electronic record systems to ensure business
continuity and delivery of services to consumers

f. Coordinate and supervise employees

2) Create and implement a comprehensive plan for acquisition, arrangement and
description, preservation, and access of electronic records of permanent value

a. Collaborate with state and local government officials and other producers
to identify electronic records that merit permanent retention, including but
not limited to state agency electronic records and websites, born digital
manuscripts, research datasets and publications, and facilitate ingest and
accessioning of those records

b. Organize and describe electronic records using established standards and
best practices to provide intellectual control, demonstrate authenticity and
integrity, and promote the preservation of all records

c. Assist Preservation Section with reformatting existing electronic records
in holdings

d. Assist with the dissemination of records to consumers

e. Develop a program for the on-going preservation of electronic records in a
manner to ensure readability, accessibility, and understandability over time.

3) Provide assistance to state and local government agencies in planning their
electronic record programs

a. Review and comment on proposed records schedules prior to submission to
State Records Committee

b. Develop and provide training for state and local agency staff in the proper
management of electronic/digital records

c. Provide expert advice and consultation on issues concerning
electronic/digital materials

d. Design and prepare, as needed, technical leaflets and other related
educational/informational publications on electronic records management for
distribution and reference

Required Qualifications:

  * Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in related field and four years of job related experience or any equivalent combination as required to perform this job.
Desired Qualifications:

  * Five years of experience applying archival theory and practice to the management and preservation of electronic records.
  * Demonstrated experience with a variety of software and operating systems.
  * Demonstrated knowledge of XML/XSL and other data/metadata standards relevant to the archival control of digital content (such as EAD, Dublin Core, MODS) and ability to provide leadership in the implementation of appropriate metadata standards
  * Project management experience as it applies to management of electronic/digital content and systems analysis.
  * Two years of experience providing guidance to government agencies including through presentations, visits, email, and by phone.
  * Experience with a variety of digital curation and preservation tools.
  * Writing sample and PowerPoint or similar sample required.
Preferred Qualifications:

  * Completion of graduate level course work in archives.
  * Master's degree specializing in archival science, digital curation, or digital preservation.
  * One year of experience supervising employees.

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