Digital Initiatives Librarian
Illinois Institute of Technology

Digital Initiatives Librarian

Illinois Institute of Technology

Chicago, Illinois

Job Category: Library

Department: Galvin Library

Location: IIT-Main Campus (MC), 3300 S. Federal, Chicago

Requisition Number: 0601576

The Digital Initiatives Librarian is a member of the Paul V. Galvin Library
professional staff who, under the direction of the Head of Assessment,
Planning and Scholarly Communications, provides leadership for digital
collections and special collections services. The Digital Initiatives
Librarian will also manage select digital resources at Galvin Library
including the IIT digital repository.

**Key Responsibility 1**  
Develops and implements policies, procedures, and strategies related to the
maintenance, access, and long-term care of digital special collections,
including but not limited to preservation, storage, staff training, and
copyright. Coordinates access to digital collections including the creation of
inventories and collection guides; liaises with the Library Technology Group
and other staff to maintain collection discovery tools, ensure system support
and sustain online access to collections.

**Key Responsibility 2**  
Manages the IIT digital repository, and develops, implements, and coordinates
access and activities related to the promotion and use of the repository.
Enhances access to the University's scholarly communications and publications
within the digital repository. Provides leadership and vision in planning and
implementing future digital library development. Provides ongoing qualitative
and quantitative assessment of library digital services through data gathering
and analysis. Plans and coordinates the preservation of and ongoing access to
digitized and born-digital materials curated by the library.

**Key Responsibility 3**  
Seeks collaborative opportunities with other university departments and
libraries, external agencies, consortia, and vendors to build special
collections in support of the emerging program in Digital Humanities.
Participates in the development of Digital Humanities projects, as well as
providing reference and instruction support. Investigates new technologies for
research use in the humanities.

**Key Responsibility 4**  
Keeps current with changing professional expectations, service requirements,
new literature and developments in special collections, digital reformatting,
and digital preservation fields. Provides leadership in applying existing and
emerging technologies to build the library's resources and services.

**Key Responsibility 5**  
Represents IIT Libraries in campus, regional, and national digital
initiatives. Pursues personal professional development and contributes to the
profession through local and national professional and scholarly activities.
Collaborates on funding proposals and project plans for building digital
special collections and other digital initiatives.

**Key Responsibility 6**  
Other duties as assigned.

This position is expected to demonstrate excellence in oral, written and
presentation communication skills, collaborate with IIT campus partners to
provide resources and services in an environment that supports both learning
and research, communicate effectively with members of the public and
professional community, work cooperatively with staff at all IIT libraries,
participate in working groups and committees as necessary, and promote Galvin
Library to its internal constituency, its university partners, and externally
to consortia and professional organizations.

**Customer Service:**  
This position provides service to faculty, students and staff at IIT's Main
Campus, appreciates a multicultural academic and research environment,
demonstrates a commitment to service excellence, and represents IIT Libraries
externally in professional activities.

**Education & Experience:**  
Masters degree in Library and/or Information Science from an ALA-accredited
institution. Previous experience in an academic or research library. Must
demonstrate web design and digital content creation experience. Must possess
strong communication, interpersonal skills, and the ability to interact
effectively with colleagues.

**Preferred Skills:**  
Experience in administering and managing digital projects.

Experience providing instruction in an academic environment.

Willingness to experiment, take risks, and accept responsibility for outcomes;
capacity to see the need for action and act appropriately; and the expertise
to monitor, analyze, and adapt current trends.

Grant writing experience preferred.

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