Wikipedian-in Residence Assistant (Harvard College Library Houghton Library)
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

Harvard College Library Houghton Library

Supervised by the Curator of Early Modern books
andManuscripts, and working with other Houghton
subjectsspecialists, expand coverage on Wikipedia of
topicsrelevant to Houghton collections.


Adding sources for existing pages and creating new pages
onnotable topics. Provide appropriate formatting and
metadata(and OCR cleanup in the case of texts) to upload
publicdomain content to Wikimedia and Wikisource, and
facilitatethe use of such materials by other Wikipedia
users. Explorethe creation of WikiProjects related to
Houghton holdingsand promote participation in such


BA. Candidate must be a registered Wikipedian in
goodstanding, with substantial experience in writing
andediting Wikipedia articles, and possess knowledge
ofWikipedia standards, culture, and rules. Knowledge
andexperience working with Special Collections
preferred.Attention to detail, good organizational skills,
problem-solving ability, ability to work independently
andcollaboratively. Demonstrated ability and enjoyment
inwriting both clear narrative text and
documentation.Excellent oral and written communication
skills.Proficiency with Windows-based applications.


Closing Date:April 15,2014

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