Do you know of any working Semantic Web browsers?

Below is a small set of easy-to-use Semantic Web browsers. Give them URIs and they allow you to follow and describe the links they include.

  * LOD Browser Switch ( - This is
    really a gateway to other Semantic Web browsers. Feed it a URI
    and it will create lists of URLs pointing to Semantic Web
    interfaces, but many of the URLs (Semantic Web interfaces) do not
    seem to work. Some of the resulting URLs point to RDF
    serialization converters

  * LodLive ( - This Semantic Web browser
    allows you to feed it a URI and interactively follow the links
    associated with it. URIs can come from DBedia, Freebase, or one
    of your own.

  * Open Link Data Explorer
    ( - The most
    sophisticated Semantic Web browser in this set. Given a URI it
    creates various views of the resulting triples associated with
    including lists of all its properties and objects, networks
    graphs, tabular views, and maps (if the data includes geographic

  * Quick and Dirty RDF browser
    ( - Given the URL
    pointing to a file of RDF statements, this tool returns all the
    triples in the file and verbosely lists each of their predicate
    and object values. Quick and easy.  This is a good for reading
    everything about a particular resource. The tool does not seem
    to support content negotiation.

If you need some URIs to begin with, then try some of these:

  * Ray Family Papers -
  * Catholics and Jews -
  * Walt Disney via VIAF -
  * origami via the Library of Congress -
  * Paris from DBpedia -

To me, this seems like a really small set of browser possibilities. Iíve seen others but could not get them to work very well. Do you know of others? Am I missing something significant?

Eric Lease Morgan