We started with an old version of WooThemes "SupportPress" and then essentially changed everything about it. SP was discontinued just this February, but it has a really solid base and you can probably find it out there somewhere. There may even be a repo on Github that I MAY have committed. They made SupportPress premium after were integrated it a few years ago, and the code base is pretty different. But IF such a repo were to exist, I'm not exactly sure on the legality of it. But it MAY be somewhere and it MAY have the word "tickets" in it. Just MAY be.

It's what sits behind here:

Every ticket is a new post, can be duplicated into the knowledgebase, etc. I haven't given it all the love and attention it deserves.

After googling to see the status of SupportPress, I stumbled on, which happens to be made by Automattic  and I am totally intrigued. 

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It's been a while, and there might be better alternatives out there now, but at the last academic library I worked at, we used Bugzilla. Web-based, requires a local installation, but pretty easy to customize/use. We tried replacing it with ticketing from a larger suite of products that we purchased, but that was overly complicated and more difficult to use.

I wrote a code4lib article about it:


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Hi, All:

We are in the process of replacing our internal ticketing system. We need it to be web-based, and staff can attach screenshots when they report an issue, and we can run reports to get the usage statistics. 

We also want to use it as a reference question knowledge base in the future if the system is flexible for us to customize.
For example, users can send us questions and we can keep track of what kind of questions we get, who is working on it, etc.

It could be an open source or commercial tool. 

Does anyone know of something which is good to use?



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