We got a quote from TR for a big pile o'data and the cost was not cheap - at all. I wonder if you could do some of this with either the Scopus or the WoS API? 

You might have to space the requests over a period of time, too.


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If the journals are indexed by ISI Web of Science, then you might be able to get the data from them. They probably have annoying terms of reference that don't allow this sort of thing normally, but they do regularly support bibliometric research, so there's probably a way to tell them what you want and have them send you a data file, under certain conditions.

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On 2014/03/21, 14:53, Amy L. Nurnberger wrote:
> Hi, all,
> I'm asking for your help in identifying a solution for a 
> bibliometricly
> (?) inclined project I was recently approached with.
> The project/challenge: Create a dataset of all references cited in all 
> articles of all issues of an identified journal within a defined time 
> space (2009-2013), for a list of 40+ journals.
> I feel there may already be a coded solution to this, so if you know 
> where it is, or have come up with one, please let me know. My other 
> feeling is that this is not necessarily a one size fits all journals 
> problem, so if you are interested in delving into this more deeply, 
> please contact me off list.
> Thank you in advance for your assistance,
> Best,
> Amy
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