For a simple ticketing system, Jira can be very heavy and feel bloated for its purpose.  However it is also worth considering what you might be using your ticketing system for in the future.  I've seen examples where Jira started off as a simple internal tool.  Then someone decided "Hey lets hook it up so the 'Contact Us' feedback form goes directly into Jira.", then something else, and so on and so forth.  The Jira/Confluence ecosystem is robust and you can add on features easily.  If this is the kind of thing that could grow you on, better to underutilize something than change ticket trackers in two years because you really want X, but your current minimalist product can't do it.  

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Just curious, those of you using JIRA: my experience with it is limited and outside of libraries (working in a web development firm) and it struck me as something that would be overly complicated for a simple ticketing system for non-IT staff reporting issues. 

Do it? :)



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Here at UofT library IT, we also use the JIRA/Confluence bundle. Started last year and so far it has worked out quite well for us. Since it¹s web-based, we can easily access our information anywhere, which is great when it comes to the content we store in Confluence. The package is quite flexible and I¹m finding that the more we use it, the more we learn. I would recommend both tools.

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>> Hi, All:
>> We are in the process of replacing our internal ticketing system. We 
>>need  it to be web-based, and staff can attach screenshots when they 
>>report an  issue, and we can run reports to get the usage statistics.
>> We also want to use it as a reference question knowledge base in the 
>> future if the system is flexible for us to customize.
>> For example, users can send us questions and we can keep track of 
>> what kind of questions we get, who is working on it, etc.
>> It could be an open source or commercial tool.
>> Does anyone know of something which is good to use?
>> Thanks.
>> Jenny
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