On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 03:43:57PM +0000, Jenny Jing wrote:
> We are in the process of replacing our internal ticketing system. We
> need it to be web-based, and staff can attach screenshots when they
> report an issue, and we can run reports to get the usage statistics. 

RT ( is installed for years at
university of strasbourg and we're planning more usage of it.

it comes with a simple and yet rich web UI (with the ability for each
users to configure their homepage with results and graphs built with
graphical query builder). for automating, it comes with

* scripts that can be executed at every stage of the ticket lifecicle
* a simple text based rest API
* a way to comment, respond, command a ticket by mail

you can build associate content with extensions for SLA, KB, FAQ, ...

> users can send us questions and we can keep track of what kind of
> questions we get, who is working on it, etc.

you can reply (also sent to requestor) or comment (just for your eyes)
any ticket.

> It could be an open source or commercial tool. 

open source with a commercial support.

It supports really large scale (it's the resquest tracker for the CPAN

> Does anyone know of something which is good to use? 

I don't know a lot of them but RT is from far the best i seen (for users
*and* administrators).

Note that it follows unix philo: RT by itself is just a bug tracker (but
a very good one), everything else comes as extension or
intercommunication with other systems.

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