Wow. I really like the IETF policy. It's not so much a code of conduct, 
per se, but it's a great statement of "who we are." I think a discussion 
along those lines for c4l would be very interesting. Where IETF has a 
statement like:

" 3. IETF participants devise solutions for the global Internet that 
meet the needs of diverse technical and operational environments."

...c4l could say something about promoting solutions for all types and 
all sizes of libraries. A statement about sharing would also be nice. 
And maybe something about welcoming folks with various levels of 
technical expertise.


On 3/3/14, 10:36 PM, Peter Murray wrote:
> Code4LibCon is coming up in a few weeks.  I’m sure there will be reminders about the community-generated code of conduct (  I think it also useful to take a look at what just passed the IETF that governs their meetings.  In particular, I like how it gets past the “Thou shalt not” and gets to the “Thou shall”.
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