Roy - I agree, we've got a lot of northern interest, and the LA group has already begun to meet. My initial thinking is certainly to try to get the Northern/Central folks together about the same time as the next LA meeting and we can both gauge the desire/need to merge. 


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I am definitely interested in a Northern California regional Code4Lib group, but my ability to jet down to LA for a two-hour meeting is regrettably limited. Likewise my ability to jet up to Seattle or Portland, unfortunately. Perhaps a better strategy might be to focus on a local? For example, we have CDL in Oakland, several nearby UCs, CSUs, large publics, and community colleges to draw from. We should be able to put together a decent showing on our own, I would imagine.

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> Josh - it was great to see you again this year!
> We've got a lot of interest throughout the CSU and northern CA to form 
> a regional group, Which  a few of us are starting to pull together.
> Is there interest in expanding the LA group throughout CA? I'm also 
> wondering if we should try to expand this beyond CA into a "Western 
> Regional", although there is already a PNW regional or keep it 
> somewhat smaller?
> Perhaps a discussion topic for the May meeting.
> Thanks!
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> Subject: 2nd meetup for code4lib LA - May 15th
> We had an excellent first meeting of the code4lib Los Angeles regional 
> "chapter" last month on the USC campus.  Two dozen people from 10 
> institutions across the county (and beyond) showed up to talk about 
> libraries and technology.  Our second meeting is now scheduled and we 
> hope you can join us.
> Date | Time:
> May 15th, 2014  |  11am to 1pm.
> Location:
> Santa Monica Public Library  (map:
> Parking:
> An underground parking structure can be accessed from 7th Street 
> between Santa Monica Blvd. and Arizona Ave.  The first thirty minutes are free.
> Rates are $1 per hour for the first two hours and thirty minutes. 
> After that, the rate is $1 per thirty minutes. Weekdays the daily maximum is $10.
> The Library does not provide validation for parking.
> Agenda:
> The next meeting will again be mostly informal, but we will also have 
> a few short presentations.  By request, we will have a presentation on 
> continuous integration & deployment and another presentation on using 
> Python and the pymarc library to work with bibliographic records.
> If you have something you would like to present, please send me a note 
> and I will add it to the agenda.  We also have a shared document of 
> topics requested where you can add a topic or sign up to present on one:
> UFtOEctUVRmZW8ya3c&usp=sharing
> See you there!
> Joshua Gomez
> Library Systems Programmer
> University of Southern California
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