Aaron Rubinstein wrote:
> @rafaele: Will spreads only work with Canon A2200 cameras?

spreads has a very modular architecture, so it's easy to add support for
other cameras.
better cameras, as canon eos, could be used with magiclantern[1] firmware .
the right place where ask is the forum[2][3].

> It seems like the software piece is a big variable with the DIYBookScanner. Its interesting to hear about various setups, I just wonder about the long(ish) term viability of some of these open source projects. Obviously, the software is essential for an efficient system and Im not sure were interested in building/maintaining our own suite of tools. 

when i realized to buy a scanner my primary concern was not the
software, but
the obsolescence of the hardware.
the diybookscanner is made of robust wood and moving parts are minimal.
it could be used forever, you can just change the cameras and adapt the
software (that is not more than a few scripts talking PTP[4][5])

> All this being said, the difference between $25,000 for a bottom-of-the-line professional book scanner and the ~ $3000 for a DIY setup might mean that beggars cannot be choosers.

i spent less than 650 euro to buy the scanner, 2 cameras, 1 raspberrypi.
i'm playing with it since a month, and the quality still doesn't satisfy me,
but it's just a matter of learning a bit more of photography and hack a
few things.