I know there was talk of an SSL cert, why not start a spread shirt store and then use the revenue to pay for an SSL cert?

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I wonder, with the 10th conference coming up next year, if there would be any interest in re-issuing some or all of the shirts.  A while back I went through and added links to the wiki for all the t-shirt contests and winners I could find.  But for the first couple of years, I could find the candidate designs, but I couldn't actually find any record of which design won:


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> On 03/09/2014 05:59 PM, Roy Tennant wrote:
> > Someone apparently had a Code4Lib CafePress shop at one point, but
> > now it's gone. I actually like the idea of a place where we could
> > buy Code4Lib swag. For example, why not raise a little money
> > selling stuff with the Code4Lib logo on it? But that would mean
> > being a fiscal entity of some sort and that hasn't flown in the
> > past. Not saying it can't now, just that it hasn't yet. For now
> > I've disabled the link.
> That'd be me. There seemed to be eough interest in last year's
> Metadata T-Shirt that made it worth doing. The goal was to pass the
> money raised from selling t-shirts to this year's Conference. It
> didn't generate revenue (I didn't work too hard in promoting it to be
> honest) or traction so I scuppered it.
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