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> Yes you can get them free all day long, BUT the reason you pay $200 is browser support, startssl is not a trusted ca in every browser (someone correct me if I am wrong) plus they aren't 2048 bit, verus someone like digicert, godaddy, or comodo who is supported in every major browser.

StartSSL shows up just dandy in Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari. Can't
vouch for Opera since I don't use it, but other than those top five,
not sure what other "major browser" you need to support in.

They DO offer 2048 bit for $60 bucks, not $200.  But if you're not
accepting credit card or storing passwords, WHY would you need 2048

And supporting GoDaddy is like Arsenal. Might as well just offer up
your social security as plain text to the world in all of your emails
and call it good.

Price notwithstanding, it still comes down to who is going to be the
go-to person on Code4Lib's side which is why this was never resolved.


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