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This is a call for book chapters for  A Librarian’s Introduction to
Programming Languages to be published  by ALA/ Neal-Schuman Publishing.

This book will look at a variety of programming languages with the intent
to familiarize readers with the reasons for using each language. The book
will cover practical, real world examples to illustrate how a specific
language can be used to enhance library services and resources.

The target audience includes current practitioners, administrators,
educators, and students.

Some potential topics to be included in the book are below.

● Basic
● C#
● Java
● Javascript
● Perl
● Python
● Ruby

We are also interested in other topics. For more information email the
Ron Brown [log in to unmask] and Beth Thomsett-Scott
[log in to unmask]

Apologies for cross posting.

Please feel free to share this announcement with other listservs and
interested parties.

Ashley Blewer
Fox Movietone Collection Project Cataloging Manager
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University of South Carolina