My boss would like me to send this out to you guys. It's reposted in its entirety below. I would like to mention that we have a particular interest in public library responses, but academic ones are more than welcome as well. 

(From Kelly):
Hi all - I am doing a quick survey of as many library website geeks (myself proudly included) as I can get my hands on. If you have a minute, will you please answer the questions below for me? I will mostly keep numbers, and I will keep your answers anonymous if you wish.

1.      What is the size of the population you serve? (leave blank if you don't know)

2.      How many employees does your library system have? (leave blank if you don't know)

3.      How many employees work full time on your website? Part time?

4.      On a scale of one to ten, how important are the following types of website work currently:

a.      Transactions (building functionality that allows a customer to do something on the website like place a hold)

b.      Maintenance (server management, security updates, etc.)

c.      Reader's Advisory (book suggestions, new arrivals, etc.)

d.      Internal customer service (building tools that serve staff)

e.      External customer service (hearing customers)

f.       Marketing (building content that advertises events, services, achievements, etc.)

5.      What is the web team's relationship to your technology department? Marketing department?

6.      What metrics to you most closely watch pertaining to traffic and engagement?

Thanks all - if you are interested I will share the numbers back out. But first you have to participate! :)

Kelly Coulter
Virtual Services Manager | Richland Library