I have to admit, I still have a Windows ME machine at home, on a big ole HP box.  Its not on the network, I primarily use it to "backup" DVDs.  So the originals don't go out to the car.  Been so long since I used it I don't know if it will work on recent DVDs and don't have blue ray player or writer.

On my MacBook Pro I run Fedora 12, Fedora 16, Win 7, Win 8, GOS, Win XP, Chrome_OS, Ubuntu904Desktop, OpenVAS, CentOS, ReactOS, Android Live, and 3 other instances of Win 7 in Fusion.


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On Mar 5, 2014, at 3:37 PM, Marc Truitt wrote:

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> On 03/05/2014 04:16 PM, Thomas Bennett wrote:
>> Happy 14.x birthday XP.  Now that you have reached the ripe old age
>> of 14+ the Death Panel says No Go, bye bye.
> Indeed.  While I've used Linux as my primary desktop since the 1990s,
> XP is my hands-down fave Windows flavor.  Stable (by M$ standards) and
> comparatively undemanding of resources (again, in the Windows sense).
> I still run a copy in a VM under Linux for those things that refuse
> to imbibe Wine and that I simply must have available.
> Perhaps that's why several contributors to this thread have suggested
> that M$' EOL declaration aside, why give it up?  XP, I'll miss ya...
> cheers,
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