Maybe a long shot, but if any of you have data about the donors at your libraries, or have drawn up user personas for usability testing/assessment purposes, I would appreciate anything you might be willing to forward on.  Iím building a donor/marketing/giving/support portal thing and need to know who Iím talking to. Iím looking for the kinds of stuff you might get out of an advancement office in spreadsheet form: amounts given, type of gift, channeled into what type of fund, personís relationship to institution, age ranges, rationales for giving, etc. (names scrubbed obviously).

Alternatively/additionally, if any of you have more generalized recommendations for datasets, demographics, or other info about donor-type people for nonprofits, museums, libraries, etc. or if you have a rockstar staff person who deals with this stuff and can pass me their name, Iíd be interested.


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